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  Sherry McCourt
  Fine Art of the Central Coast


I vary my work regularly, searching for the new way of portraying the things I like to paint the most. Exploration of oil paint on copper, aluminum, velvet (that one wasn't sucessful), burlap, old books, postcards etc gives me the chance to freshen up a bit. Each support offers it's own particular challenge.  Portraiture is something that really appeals to me. Although it is most likely that I have to work from photo references, I do not choose to copy the image but rather try to portray the person in a more painterly manner. I look for that special glance, that interesting turn of cheek or something that makes the effort of a painted portrait special.

getting-the-sand-out-oil-on-canvas Bryn
                        "Isabel" oil on canvas                   "Jocelyn" oil on canvas         "Getting the Sand Out"                 Mortimore Prize selection     "Mr 8" oil on boardf
          Portrait commissions available with prices  starting at $250 in oil for a 10 x 12" canvas    using your supplied photos.l  Email for details.     
wave-riders-oil-on-canvas I-know-it-closes-somehow-oil-on-canvas
"Water Sports 2" Oil on canvas  "I Know it Closes Somehow" Oil on canvas 
                                    45 cm x 90 cm/ 18" x 36"                                          45 cm x 90 cm/ 18" x 36"
                                                       sold                                 sold

Graphite-on-claybord pensive
"Into My Arms" Graphite on                     "Pensive in her Party Dress"                                  "Picking Moonflowers"
Claybord 16" x 20"                                   Oil on canvas                                           Oil on canvas




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